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Murphy wall beds in Sarnia


Sarnia Murphy wall beds.

Sarnia Murphy beds can be ordered from your home or from our London, Ontario Murphy bed showroom.  If you cannot make the trip to London, one of our trained consultants will demonstarte you design possibilities in your home.  We will provide you with a large variety of samples, and design a murphy wall bed system before your eyes.  You will see the finished product and pricing before we leave your house.

Local Sarnia consultations are provided on an appointment only basis.

Below is the type of computer drawings we will provide you with before your order.




Murphy Bed- William L. Murphy hated trying to entertain guests around the double bed in his one-room apartment.  He invented a bed that lifted up into a closet when not in use -- and in 1900 he applied for a patent for his idea. His invention became known as "The Murphy Bed".  Today these beds are enjoying a strong comeback.

London Murphy beds allows you to order a complete Murphy bed system in the style and size you desire, easily and hassle free.  Our showroom in London, Ontario has been created to show you several styles from several different manufacturers.  Once you place your order you can expect your Murphy Bed to be delivered and installed to your home within six to eight weeks with rush orders being available.  We have dozens of colours and hundreds of combinations.

Library Bed: Of all the beds we do, this is the one everyone wants to show their friends.  Each door is suspended on 2 tracks and will each hold 250 lbs of books.  The door shelves are 7 1/4" deep, so they will accomodate most hard cover novels.  When we put cabinet doors on the bottom of the side cabinet, it provides much appreciated hidden storage.  No other Murphy Bed model gives you this amount of storage.

Single-  87"wide, 88" high, 26"deep

Double-117"wide, 88"high, 26"deep

Queen- 129"wide, 93"high, 26"deep

Home Office: These days you certainly don't have to work at home to need a "Home Office". Almost everyone has at least one computer system in the house. But ... where to put it? Do you give up the guest bedroom, re-arrange the family room, remodel the house, add on a room? Should you buy cheap, do-it-yourself furniture that takes forever to put together and somehow never matches the decor of the rest of the house?

Our solution is simple ... and cost effective. With a Murphy Bed Home Office System you get the best of both worlds, at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. We have fantastic, functional work spaces that combine computer work stations with the plush comfort of a real, innerspring guest bed in a "footprint" that is less than 5 feet by 8 feet by 20 inches deep! All professionally installed with a "built-in" look by our top-flight installers, without the aggravation of 5 trips to the hardware store when the "ready-to-assemble" furniture you purchased has parts missing. Please visit our showrooms and allow us to demonstrate the remarkable functionality you can achieve in a small room, with a dual-purpose Murphy Bed Home Office System. We create "the most useful room in the house"!

 Queen and separate desk    Second bedroom of condo.

White Ash $3999
70% of home owners would like to have a home office.
A Murphy bed will turn it into a guest room.
White Ash $3699 as shown.
All of our home office systems are designed for your room.  With some rough measurements we can design a concept to show you

Queen-129w 93

Raised Panel: Over the years the raised panel door has proven to be our best seller.  The doors are not a raised panel look, like some of our competitors; they are true raised panel doors.  Up close or across the room they look great.  They are available in any of our 30 colours.

Side cabinets can be utilized for many applications.  The picture of the lower left one is in a home office.  Our customer asked us to include file drawers so she could eliminate the filing cabinet in the room.  What a great idea!

Side cabinets can be any height or width.

Below are some minimum dimensions for the bed cabinet only.

Single-45"wide, 82" high, 16"deep

Double-60"wide, 82"high, 16"deep

Queen- 66"wide, 87"high, 16"deep



 Sunrise Door 

Flat Panel: This type of door is the best bang for the buck.  We can either use durable melamine or wood veneer.  The flat panel design gives you a very simple or contemporary look.  Many people dress it up by adding unique handles that match their decor. 

Double $1499 installed.


Above is a side tilt queen murphy bed with a low basement ceiling above.

Side Tilt Beds:  Many people want to put a tilt away bed into a room with lowered ceilings or a bulk head in the way.  A side tilt bed is the answer.  These beds are available in all sizes.  Side cabinets or top cabinets are frequently added to maximize storage.

Single- 80"wide, 51"high, 16"deep

Double- 80"wide, 66"high, 16"deep

Queen- 85"wide, 72"high, 16"deep